Skilled Nursing:

Licensed professional nurses provide medical services established by client’s attending physician

  • Home health care disease management and treatment
  • Medication management and teaching
  • Patient and caregiver education
  • Management of heart attacks, strokes, cancers, and other diseases
  • Prevention of re-hospitalization
  • Safety at home
  • Wound care and ostomy care
  • And many other skilled services
  • Physical Therapy:

    Our licensed physical therapists speak multiple languages and have been recognized by several federal and state audits for the improvement in a patient’s ability to move and ambulate and improve range of motion following severe strokes, injuries, and surgeries. They work to help patients regain physical function and ambulation. With their help, patients regain strength and independence.

  • Enhances physical and functional abilities
  • Restores, maintains, and promotes optimal physical function and quality of life
  • Prevents the progress of functional limitations
  • Occupational Therapy:

    Licensed occupational therapists help our patients to better manage everyday home activities, and to promote independence in tasks such as personal care, proper eating techniques, safe cooking, dressing, grooming, personal hygiene, and use of assistive devices.

  • Treats patients through the therapeutic use of everyday activities
  • Educates patients on how to do tasks in a new way following a stroke or other condition that affects movement
  • Speech Therapy:

    Licensed professionals who assist in recovering and improving after certain conditions, such as stroke or degenerative disease

    Home Health Aide:

    Home health aide is an essential part of the skilled care plan, able to care for the patients at their most vulnerable.

    Personal Care Aide / Direct care Worker:

    VitaCare provides long-term care as the client’s needs increase and becomes more intensive
  • Direct care workers who can be client’s family members
  • Grooming, bathing, escorting, preparing a light meal, housekeeping
  • Multicultural and multilingual staff
  • Congestive heart failure management
  • Pulmonary disease management
  • Cancer management
  • Dementia/Alzheimer's management
  • Wound care management

  • We provide services under all OLTL waivers. This includes Aging Waiver, OBRA, Independence Waiver, COMMCare, and Attendant Waiver/ACT155. We also provide services under options. Moreover, we take the time to explain which program might best meet your needs and assist in obtaining the program. We are with you from the first to the last step, assuring that you feel cared for and comfortable.

    We Care, VitaCare!

    VitaCare understands that no one takes care of you better than your own family and loved ones. With that understanding in mind, we strive to be your family. We approach our clients...