Home Care agencies assist you with your daily needs. With a well-managed care and qualified, caring team, an individual with needs is able to remain in their home as an alternative to nursing homes.

Normally, services include personal care (help with bathing, dressing, toileting, etc.) and household assistance (cleaning, laundry, meal prep, etc.) For some individuals, more advanced care is needed. In those cases, home health agencies are able to provide skilled care, such as visiting nurses and therapists.

In most cases, Medicare and Medicaid companies and other insurances cover home care services. Other options exist and we will be more than happy to discuss them with you.

We have a very involved hiring and recruitment process, where applicants go through various clearances and competency training. Only highly qualified and caring individuals can call themselves members of the VitaCare family. Your family members can apply to be your paid caregivers and you can have someone you know and already trust continue caring for you.

VitaCare keeps a close relationship with your family doctor and your specialist. If you choose to welcome us into your medical provider team, we will maintain constant lines of communication open to make sure that the highest level of comprehensive care is provided. We have relationships with various community services and will be happy to provide you with information and assistance in obtaining available services.

VitaCare has a system set up that ensures that the correct services are being provided at the correct time and to the highest quality standards. Along every step of the process, quality assurance staff monitors that the care provided matches the service plan. As a consumer of VitaCare, you will receive visits from a registered nurse supervisor who monitors home health aide services. You will also receive regular calls from our coordinators and upon admission, very consumer receives all contact numbers for the agency staff, as well as helpful county and city service numbers.

VitaCare has a list of back-up workers in every area we cover. As soon as our coordinators become aware of the situation, they are able to get an aide out to you that speaks your language and has gone through the rigorous VitaCare training.

Home care is mostly tailored to long-term services that are provided on a regular schedule and are usually unskilled. Home health refers to skilled services, services provided by licensed personnel such as registered nurses and physical and occupational therapists, as well as a home health aide. VitaCare proudly provides both models of care and an array of services under those models.

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